Street Maintenance Division

1155 California Ave.

North Bend OR  97459


Office Hours – 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Emergencies – call police dept. 541-756-3161

Albert Gouley, Kirk Wicks and Phil Bowman staff our Street Maintenance Department.  These three dedicated workers maintain our city streets and storm drain system. The City of North Bend has nearly 50 miles of paved street, 6 miles of gravel roadway, and over 25 miles of storm drain piping connecting over 1000 catch basins and 440 storm water manholes.

Maintaining the quality of storm water flowing into our area streams and bay from our system is a primary function of the street department. Their efforts prevent debris from clogging our system or passing through our system to the bay. The most visible component of this effort is our street sweeper, operated by Phil Bowman.

Another responsibility for the street department is repairing damage to our streets. Potholes and trench patches are repaired with asphalt concrete. The street department provides trench patching for all sewer repairs performed by the wastewater department.

The street department is always on call to respond to after-hours emergencies. Albert Gouley is the first responder to reports of flooding, slides, power outages and other road hazards, and he assists the police by cleaning debris resulting from motor vehicle accidents. These call-outs are often in the middle of the night during a storm. These dedicated efforts under adverse conditions are greatly appreciated by the city.

We have 1700 signposts in the city that are maintained by Kirk Wicks. Kirk’s efforts include replacing, straightening and repairing damaged signposts and installing new signs.

The street department also provides grading maintenance for the six miles of gravel road in the city.

Other maintenance efforts that keep our city looking orderly include:

Clearing of overhanging limbs for vehicle clearance. Every year the street department clears these limbs to accommodate vehicles such as school busses, the garbage truck and our street sweeper.

Curb Painting. The street department paints all of the yellow curbs in town.

Roadside mowing. The department mows and maintains 48 blocks of roadside grass areas.  They also weed eat and clear brush around city parking lots and stairways.

The determined efforts of this department maintain our streets in a safe and esthetically pleasing condition for the benefit and enjoyment of citizens and visitors to our beautiful city.


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