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Congratulations to Cody McDonald

overall winner of July Jubilee Jaunt 5K


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Congratulations to student winners of the

2014 "If I Were Mayor, I Would..." local contest:

Elementary School - Deacon Deschenes

Middle School - Bailey Aldridge

(also 2nd place at State)

High School - Mariah Gray

(also 2nd place at State)














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Welcome to North Bend, Oregon's official website. We are a coastal city of 9,720 with gorgeous sunsets along beautiful beaches with many local tourism related activities to choose from. The City of North Bend was incorporated in 1903 and has over one hundred years of history to share with the community and its visitors.

What does a coastal city like North Bend have to offer?
•  Olympic Size Indoor Public Pool
•  Beautiful Parks and Trails
•  Recreational Boat Ramp
• Southwest Oregon Regional Airport
•  Large Indoor Shopping Mall - Pony Village





 The City of North Bend hereby gives notice that an election for the mayor and three council positions will be held on November 4, 2014. Interested citizens may pick up a packet with the City Recorder/Elections Officer in the City Recorder’s office during normal business hours beginning Tuesday, June 25, 2014. Recommended filing with Coos County Elections for signature verification is before August 20, 2014.  Deadline for filing with the City Recorder/Elections Officer by petition is 5:00 p.m. August 26, 2014. To qualify a citizen must be a registered voter and must have resided within the city limits of North Bend for at least one (1) year preceding the election date. Joann Thompson, City Recorder/Elections Officer, City Hall, 835 California Ave., North Bend, OR 97459, 541-756-8529. 


 PUBLISHED: The World Newspaper June 24, 2014

Fall Brush Cleanup

The time has once again arrived for the fall North Bend brush pickup.  Beginning next week, September 15, 2014, North Bend Sanitation will as a community service start collecting brush piles throughout North Bend starting in the Simpson Heights neighborhood and moving south and west throughout the town.
That means this weekend would be a great time to tackle those out of control bushes and shrubs you have been meaning to get after the whole summer.  And while you are attacking the usual over grown shrubs on your property you might want to consider uprooting any Scotch Broom you might have on your property too.
Scotch Broom is listed as a noxious weed by the State of Oregon and US Forest Service.  I’ve attached some information from the OSU Extension office concerning Scotch Broom for your information.
Scotch Broom is a perennial; blooms April to June. Grows 3 to 10 feet tall. Evergreen shrub with many slender, erect, dark green angled branches with small, simple leaves. Abundant small, yellow, pea-shaped flowers. Easily confused with Spanish broom. Spanish broom (S. Junceum) has round stems, very few leaves, and larger yellow flowers.

Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparious) is a pioneer species known to displace native plant species and increase the costs of timber production. It readily invades disturbed sites, natural areas, dunes and public and private forest lands. Maintenance of rights-of-way, facilities, parkland and private property costs millions of dollars each year because of rapid growth of young plants and the plant's persistent nature. Seeds of Scotch broom are long-lived (50 years plus) and mature plants are prolific seed producers, establishing persistent seed banks requiring long-term management objectives. The largest costs attributed to scotch broom come from additional inputs needed to establish trees in commercial and public timberlands. It is estimated that Scotch broom costs Oregon $47 million dollars annually in lost timber production


http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/PLANT/PublishingImages/191/weed_scotbroom_inf_ec.jpgImages courtesy of Eric Coombs, Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.


September 15, 2014
CALL:  North Bend Sanitation if you have questions at 541-756-5211
1.  Brush must be out prior to first day of pickup.  Please do not put brush out more than              two weeks prior to September 15, 2014.
2.  Brush must be in 1 pile, must be 5 feet or less in length.
3.  Brush must be out next to the curb free from overhead obstacles, fire hydrants and other obstacles. Remember to keep a clear path for pedestrians along the sidewalk.
4.  One pile per address, NO group piles.
5.  Brush must not exceed 5 cubic yards.  More than 5 yards can be taken, but prior arrangements must be made.
6. No grass clippings, sod, dirt, loose leaves, plastic bags, bailing twine or other materials, which are not appropriate for grinding.
7.   $8.75 per cubic yard additional during brush pickup.
8.  $10.50 per cubic yard plus trip fee for pickup after scheduled brush pickup is finished.

The City of North Bend Municipal Code regulates Brush / Trees
North Bend Municipal Code Chapter 8.12.010

For the purposes of this chapter, nuisances which are subject to abatement shall include the following objects and conditions:

(7) Dry weeds, grass or brush which is capable of causing fires or spreading fires to adjoining properties.
(8) Any white cedar tree, also known as Port Orford cedar, which is infested with Phloeosinus sequoiae, commonly known as bark beetle, Ulexeuropaeus, also known as gorse or Irish furze, any poplar, willow, conifer, cottonwood, ailanthus, fruit or nut tree which is situated in the platted area of a street or alley on which in adjacent to an improved public street or sidewalk, and any willow, cottonwood or poplar situated on, adjacent to, or near the line of any public sewer.

North Bend Municipal Code Chapter 12.20
The owners of property adjoining any street in the city of North Bend shall have a duty to maintain a safe condition of repair, free of hazards and obstructions, of any sidewalk adjacent to their property, and shall be liable for any injuries or damages resulting from a failure to comply with such duty.


The North Bend City Council will hold a regularly scheduled work session on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall, 835 California Street, North Bend. 

The North Bend City Council will meet on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall, 835 California Street, North Bend.  The meeting will include the following recognitions:

  • 2014 If I Were Mayor Student Contest – 2nd Place winners at State Level – Mariah Gray (High School) and Bailey Aldridge (Middle School)
  • World Champion Swimmer and Oregon Masters Record Holder – Denise Stuntzner


The North Bend Urban Renewal Agency will meet on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 following the council meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers of City Hall, 835 California Street, North Bend. 


Public Service Announcement

Beginning Thursday, July 3, 2014 parking around Grant Circle (intersection of California and Union) will be PROHIBITED due to the re-development and construction of Grant Circle.


Persons parking in this area are encouraged to use the city provided parking lots: 1) on Washington Street and 2) in the parking lot between Sheridan and Sherman Avenues.


Construction is expected to last through the first week of October, 2014.


Temporary traffic pattern changes and minor delays may be expected during the construction period.  The city would like to remind everyone to observe all warning signs and be cautious while in the construction and detour routes.


Questions concerning this notice may be directed to the City of North Bend Public Works Department at 541-756-8525. 



The City of North Bend is accepting applications to fill vacancies on the following committees:

  • Budget Committee (1)
  • Planning Commission (1)
  • Parks & Recreation (1)
  • Police Committee (1)

Interested individuals may obtain a committee application at the North Bend City Hall reception areas, the City’s web site www.northbendcity.org, or by calling 541-756-8529. Completed applications should be submitted to: Joann Thompson, City Recorder, City of North Bend, P.O. Box B, North Bend, OR 97459. The above vacancies are open until filled.



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North Bend City Hall

PO Box "B"

835 California Street

North Bend OR  97459

Phone: 541-756-8500

 Fax: 541-756-8527


North Bend is a city in Coos County, Oregon, in the United States

with an area of 5.1 square miles, and is in the Pacific Time Zone.



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